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exhibit L: a change

13 July, 2009

From now on, you can find me at My new blog is called Exhibit L – come check it out!

I’ve always felt compelled to change blogs when there is a big change in my life. Well, that address will allow me to stop making my readers update their blogrolls. I’ll always be lisslo (thanks to VJ and Rez), but the title, layout, and photos can change whenever I need them to.

The change that has been happening involves me being reaffirmed in my decisions over the past couple of years. In particular, finishing my first year of law school and working in my summer job have shown me that I chose the right career and that all of my hard work is completely worth it. I don’t feel as though I’m treading new territory as I did when I quit my job and started law school. I’m not alone, nor was I ever, really. I have an amazing family and an amazing group of friends. They might not always understand me or the rigors of law school, but not one of them has turned their back on me.

I want a blog that shows where I am now. And that is why I’m not going to import all of the posts from Terra Nullius – I just want a fresh start. I’m not going to be deleting this blog or anything – I hope that maybe someone who is considering law school and feeling how I felt will read it and feel comforted by it.


start spreading the news…

11 July, 2009

I’m going to New York City in 25 days! Shakira and I have decided to take another trip, this time on the East Coast.

I’m positively ecstatic to think that I will have 5 days to run around New York before going back to my 2L year. It will be a much-needed vacation, and I absolutely cannot wait!

Off to keep reading about the Big Apple. So much to do, so little time!

looking forward

6 July, 2009

It’s incredible to think that this summer is halfway over already! I only have six weeks left at work, one of which is going to be taken up with a somewhat impromptu trip to New York City with my cousin. We tried the West coast and loved it, so now it’s on to the East coast, I suppose. I really can’t wait!

I just found out that the Legal Research & Writing Program at Drake is ranked 17th in the nation – sweet! I’m really excited about being a part of the department come fall. I’m planning to shop soon for folders, pens, and a bag that will be only for my teaching assistant materials.

I have really enjoyed working at the law firm so far. There are days where I feel a tad overwhelmed, but frankly I’d be worried if I didn’t. There’s nothing I love better than a challenge, and I get that every day. It’s strange how every case is so different, even though I’m essentially doing the same thing over and over. It’s not boring at all because the facts change, and if there are factors to be considered for granting a certain custody arrangement or spousal support amount, they are different with every case. I look forward to going to work everyday, and that is an experience I have never had in my entire working career. It’s quite incredible. I can’t wait for tomorrow!

So this whole law school thing? Well, let’s just say it was the right choice.

note to self

26 June, 2009

I learned a valuable lesson today when I accompanied my boss to a hearing on temporaries in a dissolution case.

We walked into the hearing very well prepared, including a drafted order for the judge to make necessary changes to and sign. We had affidavits and exhibits and photos, and could answer the judge’s questions when he asked them. The other attorney didn’t even know where her client was living without asking him. I was shocked to see the difference in the levels of preparation, and I know the judge noticed it.

While this is definitely in part due to her client not giving her good information, it makes me very aware of the fact that I need to always be prepared. Even in a hearing on temporaries, it will be very apparent to the other attorney and the judge if I am not ready.

So note to self…make like a boy scout and always be prepared.

shiny and sparkly and splendidly bright, here one day, gone one night

25 June, 2009

No matter your thoughts or opinions on Michael Jackson as a person, it is undeniable that the entertainment world has lost an amazing and unmatched talent.

I remember listening to his record Bad in my basement playroom as a kid, singing along and dancing to Bad and The Way You Make Me Feel. I remember my brother doing the same with Dangerous. I would watch his music videos and listen to his music at the skating rink. And in high school, I was utterly stoked to land a solo in our jazz choir’s rendition of Thriller, dressed as a zombie.


Rest in Peace, Michael.

*Title of post from Gone Too Soon from Michael Jackson’s Dangerous album.

best and worst

9 June, 2009

Lawful Lady tagged me to find out what my best and worst law school memories are thus far. While it took me ages to finally get around to thinking about it, I have to say that remembering my first year was fun. I had some ups and downs, but I’m proud to say I didn’t just survive, I thrived. I’m doing well in terms of grades. I’m very involved in organizations and am getting used to being a leader in a few of them. I’m happy and doing well at my summer job, and I’m looking very much forward to being a teaching assistant in the fall. Law school definitely was the right choice for me, and I hope my fellow wayfarers are so lucky as to feel the same way.

Best Memory:

The feeling on the last day of my first year as I sipped beer and ate a hamburger at the cookout on the law school lawn after my con law final. I was sitting at a table with some of my favorite people in the world, and the sun was shining. We were talking about jobs we had in the past, and which were our favorite and why, video games, movies, school, summer plans. And laughing, wholeheartedly and loudly. It was one of those moments that feels like a movie.

Worst Memory:

Probably the endless hours of frustration I felt while working on my appellate brief. I just felt…stuck. I rarely have felt that way about a writing assignment in my entire career as a student. It was like pulling teeth to get me started, and even when I made some progress I’d just get stuck again. Suffice it to say I would be happy to never have to write another one of those again, though now it occurs to me that I have committed to grading the citations for them this coming year…

If you want to play along, you’re more than welcome to! Let me know and I’ll come check out your answers.


5 June, 2009

I thought of a hundred great blogging topics this week, but never took the chance to type up an entry or even to write them down. I’m thinking about starting a new blog…terra nullius doesn’t feel like it fits anymore. My life isn’t All About The Unknown anymore. We’ll see what happens – rest assured I will keep you posted.

I’m going to go zombie out in front of the t.v. for awhile and then go to bed ridiculously early…