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oh, dear

22 October, 2007

I had a very interesting day on Saturday when I was working my internship. There’s one boy in the shelter who is a little…odd. Okay, really odd. But he’s nice, and he’s trying (most of the time). Anyway, another Employee and I were sitting at the table and he plopped down at the other end. The following conversation ensued:

Youth: My listening skills are doing better today. I don’t hear as many voices out there.

Employee and Me: . . .

Youth: Yeah, today is better.

Employee: Are your meds working now?

Youth: Uh, yeah.

Employee: Well…how long have you been hearing these voices?

Youth: . . .

Employee: . . .

Youth: The HUMAN voices. Out there. *motions to common rec area outside of wing*

Employee: OH! Well, I thought you meant… Well, you know what I thought. Anyway, there are visits going on, so people are being pretty quiet.

I’m STILL laughing about this one, and will every time I see this Youth Service Worker. To be fair, I completely thought he meant the voices in his head, too. It’s not like it would have exactly been farfetched. Trust me.

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  1. 22 October, 2007 1:27 pm

    Hmmm. I wonder, if I tried to improve upon my listening skills, if I wouldn’t hear as many voices “out there.”

  2. Llama Momma permalink
    22 October, 2007 1:31 pm

    Thanks for the laugh today….very funny!

  3. 22 October, 2007 2:08 pm

    Canary: I know, right? I don’t know what the heck he thought he meant, but if your listening skills IMPROVE you should hear MORE, right???

    Llama: Oh, no problem. *grin*

  4. Justine permalink
    23 October, 2007 11:49 am

    I think he meant to say that his concentration skills were improving. Meaning, he could concentrate on the task at hand and not be distracted by all the other voices. However, it’s much funnier to think that he was talking about hearing voices in his head!!!!

    Have you ever wondered how many people actually hear voices in their heads, but they don’t tell anyone? Hmmm…

    *says to voices in head*
    “shut up! I’m trying to blog!”

  5. 23 October, 2007 1:09 pm

    Hee hee…

  6. 25 October, 2007 12:07 am

    heeeee…. Lisslo that was freaken hilarious.

    and OMG! Justine.. too funny.

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