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somedays it all feels like a scam

6 November, 2007

I’ve mentioned before about the bad semester I had while at community college. I wish I would have known that in the end, it would come back to bite me.

All law schools use the Law School Data Assembly Service provided by the Law School Admissions Council. Essentially, I paid LSDAS $120 for them to collect transcripts, letters of recommendation, and so on, and then I pay $12 per school for them to forward that information on to the law schools to which I apply. Then, I also pay the law school’s application fees on top of that. Okay, I can deal with that I suppose. It’s not as though I have a choice, and I imagine that it makes the process easier on the schools themselves.

However, I have a problem with the LSDAS deciding that despite the fact that my school doesn’t count my F’s in my GPA that they will. DMACC doesn’t include the grades, but LSDAS says “Too bad, we’re going to do it anyway. We don’t really care that you retook those classes and earned A’s. This is how we do it. Deal.”

Why do I care so much? Let me give you some numbers. This first set is based on the idea that for the remainder of my time at Grand View College, I earn A’s in all of my classes.

  • DMACC Cumulative GPA: 3.87
  • GVC Cumulative GPA: 4.00
  • Final Total Degree GPA: 3.94

Now here is what my GPA suddenly looks like after LSDAS has gotten their hands on it:

  • DMACC Cumulative GPA: 3.17
  • GVC Cumulative GPA: 4.00
  • Total Reported Cumulative GPA: 3.45

That’s a half of a grade point difference. That can mean that despite the fact that I’ve received only two B’s in my actual degree, or that I’ve gotten straight A’s for two years that I might be overlooked. That’s frustrating, people. The only remedy is for me to write an addendum to my application explaining what happened and pointing out the obvious upward trend that has occured since then. Which, in my opinion, I shouldn’t have to do in the first place. It’s not my fault the LSDAS is backward in its processes. Hmph.

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  1. 6 November, 2007 2:05 pm

    You deserve a drink for that. Go. Have a cosmo on me.

  2. Justine permalink
    6 November, 2007 3:38 pm

    I can totally relate! I got all As and a few Bs in my education classes, but got quite a few Cs and even a D in some of the gen eds. C’mon, people, give a smart girl a break! *rooting for you!*

  3. 6 November, 2007 4:44 pm

    Canary: Ah, good plan. I’ll get right on it. After class tonight, though. 😉

    Aunt Tine: I hope that they consider the whole picture. It’s just not right.

  4. 7 November, 2007 2:04 am

    How do you even know your LSDAS GPA?
    You have an inside source?

  5. 7 November, 2007 9:16 am

    Ha, nope. I wish. Then maybe I could do something about it.

    If you log into LSAC’s online services and go to the tab Account Status, you can select the Transcripts link. From there, you can click on the link for the Academic Summary Report. This is what they send to the law schools. My cumulative GPA is pulled from there.

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