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that was totally out of left field

12 November, 2007
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Apparently my well post has gotten me attention at the National Rural Water Association’s website. Check it out! I’m there under NRWA Updates.


How random is that?!

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  1. Amber/Daydreamer permalink
    12 November, 2007 7:17 pm

    *Giggles for a long time* That is so random. And so awesome in a random awesome way.

  2. 13 November, 2007 12:50 am

    OMG that is AWESOME!!!!! heeee.

  3. 13 November, 2007 10:46 am

    Isn’t it though?!

  4. libby permalink
    13 November, 2007 12:12 pm


  5. Michael Harris permalink
    28 March, 2008 10:22 am

    Hey, girlie-girl! Just wanted to say “unofficially” that anyone who says “I was so happy to get rural water (clean! not contaminated! fresh! clear! odorless!)”…is okay in our books! We always love to hear compliments about rural water. And the “randomness” of your blog selection just goes to show how pervasive the internet has become in everyone’s lives. Our search engine looks hourly for any association to the words “rural water”…and POOF, there you were! Thanks for the kind words. Good luck with school. “You’re a braver man than I, Gunga Din!”

  6. 28 March, 2008 10:46 am

    Libby: 🙂

    Michael: Thanks!

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