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weight off my shoulders

16 November, 2007

So last night in senior seminar (the class where I have a 30-ish page midterm paper due Tuesday) we moved on to the next book. Before we broke into small groups, Professor P started the following conversation:

Professor P: So your papers are due next Tuesday. Are they going to be done?

One classmate: Well, it kind of has to be.

Me: I hope so.

Other classmate: No.

Professor P: *nonchalantly* Well, if you need to take until the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, you can.

The Entire Class: *astonished stares*

Professor P: It means that it will take longer to get them back to you, and you have to remember to keep working on the next book. But I’d rather have you turn in a good, well thought out paper. This is for your benefit.

The Entire Class: *erupts into a mixture of laughter and telling the teacher she’s great*

Libby: I think I just had an orgasm.

Me: *laughing and almost crying with joy, and at Libby* Oh, I’m so happy.

So, the deadline is extended. However, I don’t think that it’s going to matter. I want to have this thing done before Thanksgiving so that all I have to worry about is the next project, not both. Plus, I have law school essays to write, and my final internship paper. Because I’M GOING TO BE DONE WITH MY INTERNSHIP NEXT WEDNESDAY! YAY!

Anyway, later Libby clarified her statement…she meant if figuratively, of course. It doesn’t make it any less funny though!

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  1. Justine permalink
    16 November, 2007 12:21 pm

    Yay for you and for Libby! Definitely get it done before T-day so you can have a PLUCKING great holiday! *snort*

  2. 16 November, 2007 4:28 pm

    Libby cracks me up!

  3. 16 November, 2007 5:44 pm

    Aunt Tine: Heh.

    Canary: Me too. Me too.

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