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somehow I don’t think it would be helpful

17 December, 2007

I just want to go to Drake and beg the admissions council to review my application BEFORE January. And then to St. Louis, who have informed me that my file is complete and will be reviewed in the order in which it was received. Don’t they realize how long I’ve been waiting? I just want to shake someone by the shoulders and get their attention. Right…that might make me look a bit crazy. Perhaps I ought to rethink things.

In other application-related news, I plan to have all of my applications submitted by week’s end. Then I won’t have any of that to worry about over Christmas, except the whole waiting part. It’s the bazillion personal statements and optional essays and addenda that are killing me. How many different ways can they ask the same questions?!

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  1. 17 December, 2007 9:00 pm

    “How many different ways can they ask the same questions?!”

    More ways than you can possibly imagine.

  2. 18 December, 2007 1:04 am

    It’s probably to make sure you’re crazy enough to go on to the next step! 😉

  3. 18 December, 2007 9:17 am

    Poppy: It’s pretty ridiculous, and I know it’s just the beginning. What am I getting myself into?! 🙂

    Twinkie: Heh! You’re probably right!

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