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my Rory moment

9 January, 2008

I think that I slept better last night than I have in awhile. It’s interesting to me how I feel less stressed, despite the fact that I have only received the one acceptance. I suppose it’s just a comfort to know that I have at least this one option, regardless of any future acceptances or rejections.

It’s a very Rory from Gilmore Girls moment… Here I am, a senior in my final semester of undergrad. A lot of people already know exactly where they will be headed when they finish, and until yesterday I only knew where I wanted to be headed. This makes me question my choices and doubt myself to excess. Fortunately, that’s over.

Now I look forward to receiving more acceptances, and even if there are rejections that come in, I know that I’ll be fine. Because I’ll always have SLU.

Wow, I’m getting sentimental now… 😀

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