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28 January, 2008

After the week that I had last week, I needed a nice, relaxing weekend where I didn’t have to do too much. I definitely didn’t get it.

Friday night was about as close as I got. Ryan and I had supper and then watched Saw 4.

Saturday, Ryan and I slept in and then headed into Des Moines for a busy day. We went to the theater and saw Juno (highly recommended!), ate a quick lunch, and then met Libby at the Des Moines Art Center. We went to see an exhibit we thought would be relevant to our Spanish class because it was supposed to contain material on border control and illegal immigration. Well, it ended up being a single lithograph. *sigh* Oh, well. We have to come up with 25 vocabulary words relating to it, but I used the whole center as a pool to draw from. I’ve decided that I want the Fibonacci sequence in neon on my wall someday.

After that, we killed some time and ran errands. Then we ate at Boston’s, where we had the worst service ever. Our original waiter was arguing with a manager over which tables were his and it was just horrible. Anyway, we went to the Iowa Energy game after that with Libby. It was fun, and there were some memorable moments. They do the kiss cam (much like many many other sporting events), and people were feeling pretty feisty that night. One guy acted like he was jumping on top of his girlfriend, another stood up and stuck out his butt like his wife should kiss that instead. And then a guy pulled his significant other’s head into his lap. They couldn’t cut away fast enough, but everyone was laughing. Well, except the poor unsuspecting girl.

Anyway, on Sunday I got up and worked on homework. Then I headed back into the city to meet my mom, my brother, and his girlfriend for dinner at Chili’s (for my mom’s belated birthday celebration). I found out that Tuesday wasn’t bad for just me–Jason and another car hit each other in a parking lot that evening. His isn’t nearly as bad, but he just reduced the coverage to liability two months ago. Boo.

After dinner, Mom and I embarked on our journey to Ames for the Martina McBride concert. It. Was. Amazing. *sigh* For such a tiny little lady she can belt it out, let me tell you. I promise lots of pictures later. I got some really good ones, and you’ll see why! Mom and I stayed in a hotel in Ankeny, where I proceeded to sleep like total crap. I got about three hours of sleep, I’d say. Oh, well. I’ll survive, I guess. Sleep is overrated. Sleep is for the weak…

Maybe I’m kind of weak, because all I want is a nap. 🙂

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  1. aunt tine permalink
    29 January, 2008 8:29 am

    Sounds like a very busy weekend! And relaxing while watching “Saw 4”? I couldn’t relax to that if I tried! hee

    Sorry to hear about Jason’s accident too. What is it with you guys and cars? Yikes. So glad everyone is okay.

    I am SO wishing I was at that concert with you…she is incredible! Glad you had fun despite being exhausted.

  2. 29 January, 2008 2:17 pm

    Hee hee… Well, sitting on the couch and covering my ears qualifies. I’m weird–I can handle watching scary stuff if I can’t HEAR it…

    We clearly have the best luck ever. LOL

    It was definitely incredible. Maybe next time–she promised to come back!

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