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22 April, 2008

Last Saturday, I attended Women in Law Day (WILD) at Drake Law School.

I walked into the law school for the first time since I had made the decision that I was going to definitely be attending Drake. It was a great feeling. The undergrads were getting ready for street painting for the Relays, so the campus was fairly busy for a Saturday morning. While I was getting orange juice, another woman who was there for the day’s events and I recognized one another as having gone on our campus tours together last fall. It turns out that she is also going to be attending law school at Drake, so my goal of meeting a future classmate was complete before the day even really started. We exchanged emails, and have our fingers crossed that we’ll be in the same section. It will be so nice to walk into orientation and have at least one familiar face there.

Anyway, the events of the day went pretty smoothly. The dean of the law school (who was the only male there that day) spoke about the opportunities available to women at Drake. He detailed many different women who are alumni, which was really interesting.

Next, there was a panel of current 1Ls, 2Ls and 3Ls. It was really informative because first they introduced themselves and kind of answered a few questions each without us having to ask. They discussed their backgrounds a bit, and why they chose Drake. They talked about their law school experience, from classes to extracurriculars. It was really useful because the other panel I attended last fall was more about admissions.

After that we had lunch and a quick tour of the school. One of the girls leading our tour works for the school’s civil clinic. She told us about the cases she is finishing work on–from an adoption of a step child to a woman’s divorce from her abusive husband. I can’t wait for a chance to dive in and get my hands dirty in the clinics. I figure that I might as well get some courtroom experience under my belt while I have a professor holding my hand instead of later all by myself, right?

When we were finished with our tours, we had the mock class. A professor who teaches civil procedure to 1Ls led the class, and we covered Mas v. Perry. It was an interesting case involving a pervy landlord who spied on his tenants through two-way mirrors in their bathroom and bedroom. The issue was diversity jurisdiction – whether or not the Mas’ met the requirements of being domiciliaries of other states or countries than Mr. Perry. It went well, and while I didn’t know exactly how to phrase my answers I got my points across okay. Then again, we were all prepared and knew we’d be called on so it isn’t really the same.

The next item on our agenda was the Chief Justice of the Iowa Supreme Court, Marsha Ternus. She spoke about how she got where she is (she is a Drake Law Grad), and about a subject she is passionate about: representing children. I was moved by her speech–I mean, I want to go into children’s rights! To hear her validate that decision (when a lot of people just smile and nod when I tell them what I want to do) was amazing.

Finally, there was a panel of women attornies. They talked about their experiences in law school and what they do out in the real world. One of them actually works for the Republican caucus in Iowa, not even in the capacity of an attorney. Another who has been an attorney for over twenty years talked about raising a family (she has seven children!) and having a career in the law.

Overall my experience was very positive. I met a few future classmates, connected with a few current law students, and learned a lot. It makes me look forward to law school that much more!

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  1. Llama Momma permalink
    22 April, 2008 1:07 pm

    I am in awe of you! I’m glad you had a good time!

  2. 22 April, 2008 2:03 pm

    Aw, thanks Llama! 🙂

  3. 23 April, 2008 10:50 am

    Holy crap! Where was that kind of day for my dept. on campus as an undergrad?! Sounds like Drake has it’s stuff down 😉 They are lucky to have you!

  4. 23 April, 2008 12:11 pm

    I know, right? I could have used a day like that for my undergrad course work too. Drake’s pretty good, and I feel lucky to be able to go there. Hopefully you’re right and it’s the other way around, too. 🙂

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