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happy birthday, baby

31 May, 2008

29 years!

The funny thing is that we have known each other for a huge chunk of those 29 years. Who would have thought that we would have ended up together 14 years ago when we met?

And since this post will not publish until well after you’ve opened your birthday presents, I hope you enjoy your gifts. I adore the fact that you will be surprised and absolutely love the two seasons of The Muppet Show I got for you. Just don’t turn into one of the old men in the balcony just yet. You’re far too young for that.

I love you, baby. Happy, happy birthday.

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  1. Aunt Tine permalink
    1 June, 2008 3:00 pm

    Happy Birthday, Ryan! Hope you got our card in the mail, and hope you both had fun celebrating! Love you!

  2. 2 June, 2008 10:55 am

    He did get it–it was funny! 🙂

  3. Aunt Tine permalink
    2 June, 2008 2:28 pm

    Hornie…that just cracked me up! And then to be scolded on the inside! HA!

  4. 2 June, 2008 8:17 pm

    yay for the muppets!

  5. 3 June, 2008 12:39 pm

    Hee hee, Colsy. Exactly!!!

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