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what do you say we leave for California?*

16 July, 2008

This post is part one of my adventures in California with my cousin Shakira. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 7/9

  • Not much to tell here, really. I left work at 3:00 (which felt strangely liberating…), ran a couple of errands, and headed to the airport. I was picked up right next to my car by the airport shuttle, which was nice. My flight was delayed, but I was put on an earlier flight that was also delayed (thanks to O’Hare and its lovely issues with getting planes organized). I met up with my Gram and rearranged some of my packing to accomodate a few things she had for me and visited with family. I went to bed.

Thursday 7/10

  • Wake up call: 5:00 am. Ouch.
  • The airport was no big deal – we got inside, checked in, and made it through security quickly. We did have to ride the moving sidewalk to terminal C, which was fun. Note to self: Airport Starbucks is overpriced, slow, and they don’t give you nonfat milk when you ask for it.
  • Our flight wasn’t bad. We did sit behind a kid that Shakira affectionately dubbed the “beavmunk”… He looked like Alvin the Chipmunk crossed with a beaver. True story. The flight started to feel pretty long but we survived. I must say that I LOVE my travel pillow.
  • We arrived at LAX and easily found our luggage and waited for the shuttle to the car rental place. It was so exciting to be in California – even if we were standing at the airport looking at a parking garage!

  •  We got to the car rental place, where the employee who helped us was named Bertha. Which is perfect because Shakira titles herself as Bertha if she comments here. Okay…maybe it’s only funny to us. Anyway, we got a Jeep Patriot and were on the road. Without really thinking about what I was doing, I stopped at a Carl’s Junior in the ghetto. Needless to say, we didn’t stay. From then on, it was our rule that we not eat anywhere we could eat at home. Oh, and to not randomly stop in bad areas…
  • We decided to take the Pacific Coast Highway and then a road through Topanga State Park to our hotel to avoid the 405. It was crazy – definitely not the slow, laid-back highway I imagined. The PCH was busy, but the mountain scenery was gorgeous!

  •  We found our hotel, got checked in early and then set out to find somewhere to eat. Just next door, we went into Cosmo’s Grill. It was delicious! From there, we headed out to our first destination: Venice Beach!
  • We got parked and checked out the Ocean Front Walk – basically tourist food, tourist shops, and head shops. Oh, and street performers…and really weird people. We ate up the tourist crap, like this “world’s greatest cousin” award.

  •  We sat near the bike path and watched the people and the water for awhile, which was a perfect introduction to California. I love it!

  •  The seagulls were insane, but the palm trees were lovely! Next we decided to go eat some good Mexican food at El Coyote, this AMAZING restaurant that has been around since 1931. Little did we know that we were about to have the BEST. FOOD. EVER. And good margaritas to boot!

  • After gorging on delicious food, we decided to head back to the hotel. We did “borrow” a fork to eat our leftovers later, though. The GPS got us there, but man is that thing bossy. Driving on the 101 for the first time was a bit nervewracking, only because it was night-time and the lanes? Freaking narrow! We made it safe and sound and got some rest, though. Tune in tomorrow for post #2 all about Friday. I have lots to show you!

*lyrics from California by Metro Station

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  1. Aunt Tine permalink
    16 July, 2008 3:20 pm

    Sooooooo jealous! Looks like so much fun and yummy food! And the margaritas! What I wouldn’t give for a pitcher (or two) of those.

    I am laughing so hard about the GPS. Umm…if it wasn’t bossy, you wouldn’t get there, silly! 😉

    Thanks for the magnet, it looks great on our fridge! Fab photos as usual, my dear. Wish I could have seen you while you were in town, but what a whirlwind!

  2. bertha permalink
    16 July, 2008 3:34 pm

    Nice picture of me with the statue haha I look like I’ve had a few too many or something

  3. 16 July, 2008 6:45 pm

    Glad you enjoyed my home state.

    You’re totally right, Venice is nothing but tourist crap and head shops, but if you find the right place to eat, you’re in for the meal of a lifetime.

  4. 17 July, 2008 8:23 am

    Aunt Tine: Hee hee… I don’t know if you could have had a pitcher of those margaritas. We split one and both felt it a little bit. You’re welcome for the magnet – Bertha said you collected those. 🙂

    Bertha: Well, by that point it was more exhaustion than anything. That was such a long day!

    Leesepea: Exactly! We were going to stay in Venice to eat but everywhere we found required reservations or at least recommended them. We got in within about 15 minutes at el Coyote.

  5. Amber/Daydreamer permalink
    17 July, 2008 5:31 pm

    Looks like so much fun and that food is making me drool. By the way, I am only 13 hours north of where you were. Why didn’t you come say hello? (hehee…just kidding.)

  6. 18 July, 2008 8:31 am

    Amber: Hee hee… Believe me, if we’d had more time I would have met up with you and Sarah both. It was hard for me to be out there and not come knocking on your door. 🙂


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