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when it rains it pours

28 August, 2008

I couldn’t think of anything to say earlier, so I waited. Now…I have too much to say. I’ve gotten so used to typing in notetaking mode that I am going to bullet point the bazillion things I want to say here.

  • I can’t believe the rotten luck of some of my classmates. There are a bunch of people who appear to have colds right now. Now? In August? Isn’t November the season for that? I feel sorry for them as they cough and sniffle and sneeze their way through classes that I am having a tough time in with a clear head. However, they make me want to buy a giant industrial-sized tub of antibacterial hand gel and bring Chlorox wipes to disinfect the surfaces I use at the school. I don’t want what they’ve got.
  • I need to buy a laptop lock. Even though it’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to run off with my Dell, I definitely can’t afford for that to happen. The library has eight locks for use while you’re there, but I’d rather not depend upon them not all being used.
  • I’m almost done with my first week. One more day to go! I’ve had all of my classes at least once, which is good. No more unexpected (until exam time, of course). So far I like all of my classes, but if I had to pick a least favorite it would be Civil Procedure. That stuff is hard. With my other classes it’s like I’m in the ballpark. With Civ Pro, it’s like I’m sitting in my car in the parking lot. I’m always almost there, but just not quite. This totally bums me out, by the way because I really like the professor.
  • Contracts went really well, though I lucked out and got pretty much the easiest questions ever. Who are the parties? Um, I think I can handle that…
  • I am SUPER tired. I slept like crap last night, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. I just kept waking up.
  • I decided not to take the job I posted about before. Not much explanation is needed beyond the fact that it’s been taking me 4-6 hours to wade through my work each day. I just don’t see how I can add another 2-3 hours per day onto that. Maybe next semester. Plus, I’m thinking about running for a position as a 1L representative on the SBA (like the student government).
  • I have a strong desire to eat a huge bowl of macaroni cheese. Not the Kraft kind, but a really good, cheesy, gooey, homemade version. Kind of random, I know.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’m off to work on my legal writing assignment and my legal research assignments. Good times!

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  1. 28 August, 2008 4:37 pm

    What is a laptop lock? Oh, and glad you had a good first week!

  2. 28 August, 2008 9:18 pm

    A cable with a lock that plugs into your computer so you can tie it down to something solid. That way a thief can’t grab your laptop and run while you’re in the bathroom or eating something in the lounge across the hall or on the third floor looking for Arizona statutes. 🙂 Unless of course they have something to cut the cable with…

  3. Llama Momma permalink
    29 August, 2008 8:28 am

    Mac and cheese recommendation…Bakers Square’s grown up mac and cheese. Super yummy with bacon on top and garlic bread on the side…..I could meet you there sometime cause they don’t mind the graveyard of food that always ends up under lil llama…..I’m just saying….

  4. 29 August, 2008 10:29 am

    Um, hi. That sounds AWESOME.

  5. 31 August, 2008 2:04 pm

    Glad to see you didn’t take the part time job – it would have been a mistake. Trust me on this.

    In the first month of law school, expect about half to two-thirds of your law school class to get sick. It’s a combination of the sudden pressure, plus going from the hot air outdoors into the air-conditioned law school building repeatedly over the course of the days and weeks.

    Then it will calm down until right before first semester finals, when suddenly the flu will sweep through the law school building. And of course, nobody wants to miss class, so they will come to school sick, thus ensuring that everyone around them gets sick as well.

    Carry a small bottle of Purelle (sp? – the antibacterial stuff) in your purse or bookbag, and use it on your hands frequently. Eat lots of fruit, get as much sleep as you can. Exercise can help counter the stress that builds up, which will make you less likely to get sick, too.

    And if you feel a cold coming on, you can try my special patented emergency remedy (discovered when I was in law school): eat a clove of garlic before or with your dinner. Just raw garlic. The garlic pills they sell in health food stores won’t do the trick once you’ve started getting sick – you have to use a clove of fresh garlic (just one clove, though, not the whole head of garlic). Don’t just swallow the clove – you have to chew it a bit first, to make sure your digestive system can get at it.

    Yes, it sounds disgusting, and you may smell like garlic for the next 24 hours, but in my experience, it usually knocked the cold on its ass so I could manage school okay with only minor sniffles, instead of the abject misery I witnessed in some of my classmates.

    Best wishes,

    jane doe

  6. 2 September, 2008 2:19 pm

    Ha, wow. Thanks, Jane Doe!

  7. 2 September, 2008 11:46 pm

    HEY this is the second time I’ve heard that garlic theory. Somebody had frequent kidney infections and a masseuss told her to eat garlic, not the pill kind, the real kind… hmmm… something to this garlic thing, hu?

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