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and the balance has shifted…

16 September, 2008

Just when I think I have this law school thing under control, an opportunity presents itself to throw that balance I seemingly have perfected right out the window.

Last week and this week, it is/was the moot court competition. Then I decided to get a team together for the Drake Law Women’s flag football tournament Collateral Attack this Saturday. And now I’ve agreed to be on two committees for Drake Law Women…and I’ve made a “date” to go to bar review (aka the Delts’ weekly social outing to a bar) with a friend from school Thursday night.

And not one of those things has to do with any of my core classes (i.e. reading, re-reading, briefing). Ahem.

So…that closed memo that’s due two weeks from yesterday? Not much done on it. The reading for all of my classes? Done, but perhaps not as thoroughly as it would be if I were a total bore who only ever did homework. That balance shift? I’m kind of glad it’s happened.

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