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that wasn’t nearly as terrifying as expected…

6 October, 2008

Professor CivPro gave us a sample essay exam question to complete over the weekend as a midterm of sorts. We weren’t graded on it, so there was no added stress of worrying about a real grade. At the same time, the exercise was for our benefit to see how we were doing with grasping the material. She suggested we do a comprehensive review, then sit down and take the “exam” for an hour, closed-book.

I used the full hour, but I think it went all right. We’ll see when she hands them back and talks to us as a class about what the model answer was. I’m sure I missed some things, but it wasn’t quite so scary as I expected it to be.

As a separate note, I must say that Glannon’s E & E on civil procedure is AWESOME. I think it all started to click this weekend after I read the first few chapters and went through the examples and explanations. I would highly recommend it, especially if you’re using Yeazell’s civil procedure casebook.

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