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two extremes

6 November, 2008

This week law school, being the fickle animal that it is, has made me feel really smart, and then really dumb.

I had a conference with Prof. Legal Writing this week about my open memo, which went really well. I had several questions already written down, and I got some very useful information. Then…she showed me her binder for the memo. It looked exactly like mine. She had gathered all of her cases into the binder and tabbed them with small post-its. We laughed about it, but if I can continue to channel her maybe I’ll do well on this memo!

Then yesterday we had a joint contracts class with the other section. The other section’s Prof. Contracts taught on International Contracts. Super exciting. Anyway, while she was lecturing she kept acting as though we (as in my section) were developmentally disabled or something. She kept asking if we’d covered topics, and saying things like “this will make more sense to some of you than others.” She even specifically asked if people in section 301 knew what the U.C.C. was! Seriously. If you have taken contracts for the last 10 weeks and don’t know at all what the U.C.C. is, that’s a problem. I’m not talking about knowing specific provisions or anything, but if you don’t know WHAT it is, wow.

(And for those of you not in law school, the U.C.C. is the Uniform Commercial Code. It governs contracts involving the sale of goods. If I tell you more, you’ll go into a coma from the extreme boredom.)

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  1. 12 November, 2008 12:01 am

    hey, i’ve been in law school all semester, and you just taught me what the UCC is! lol. jk. but seriously. i hate contracts.

  2. 12 November, 2008 9:36 am

    Heh. Me too… It could be that I hate it because I’m not really getting it…

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