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disconnected no more

20 January, 2009

During break I sort of disconnected from real life. Or I suppose you could say that I reconnected with what is truly real life. I had just over a month to do…anything. Anything but study, I suppose.

And I did.

I slept. I spent time with Ryan. I spent time with family. I re-read most of the Harry Potter series. I watched tons of movies. I watched my 4-year-old nephew overnight with Ryan. I played the Sims 2 excessively (6 generations, booyah!). I started catching back up with Grey’s Anatomy on DVD. I cooked. I cleaned like crazy. I got rid of bags and bags of old stuff that I just don’t need or want anymore (donating what was worth donating, yes). I listened to music. I took naps.

But I barely got online, and I didn’t blog for a whole month. I guess in my mind I consider part of my “law school life” with being that person who is always up on emails (school or personal) and facebook and blogging. And I just didn’t want to do it. Besides, being on the computer meant that I would obsessively check for grades being posted when the deadline wasn’t until today. (More on the grades thing later, though!)

It even got to the point where I wondered if when the time came, I would be able to settle back into the whole law school routine. The endless reading and analyzing and discussing and reading some more and hilighting and so on… I just didn’t know if I was up to it.

Good news? I am. It was like I never even left.

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  1. Llama Momma permalink
    21 January, 2009 9:18 am

    So glad to have you back! Can’t wait to see you….and feed you!

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