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22 January, 2009

It is an interesting situation, being a second semester 1L. The fear that was present last semester is not here. I kind of expected it to return, at least to some degree. But now? Now I’m jaded. I know better than to be utterly terrified at the prospect of being called on in class. I know better than to think that unless I stay at the library until 8 at night or stay up studying until 11 at night I will fail. The difficulty now is striking a balance – to make up for that lack of fear by pressing through on sheer motivation. I’ve had a good law school experience. I’m still waiting on one of my grades, but I don’t really have any complaints so far. I worked hard for my grades, and it shows.

It’s just like they (whoever they are) say: you get out of it what you put into it. I just have to remember that.

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  1. praxist permalink
    24 January, 2009 6:10 am

    I think the feeling gets even better in second year, when you know what the two semesters at law school are like…the whole “OMG this is all so freaky new” feeling disappears. I would not say I am jaded by it, but it is all very comfortably familiar.

    and yeah, it’s great figuring out that you don’t have to stay in the library till ten in the night to do well in your exams 😀

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