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5 February, 2009

I don’t understand why people in the position of being law students and therefore potential lawyers do not feel the need to be involved. I realize that people have families and jobs. We’re all busy in one way or another. But shouldn’t we, in a profession that struggles with its image in the public eye, do all we can to improve that situation? Shouldn’t we help people who are less fortunate than us? We’re here, in law school. Yes, we’re taking out tens of thousands of dollars or more in student loan debt. But many of us will do just fine paying it back and will go on to live comfortable lives.

Even when events are just for fun, there is a surprising lack of involvment among the law student body. I can’t imagine going through life and letting my books completely rule my life. It probably seems that way to some of my friends and family, but it’s not true. I make time for things I think are important. I am in a total of five organizations, with my involvement in three of them being fairly extensive. I volunteer for charitable events, particularly those involving children. I am involved with a tax assistance program for low income families and individuals. I want to volunteer this summer for a non-profit or a government agency, and I’m willing to work part-time somewhere else to support my costs to do so. But so few of my classmates are willing to do ANY of those things. I’m not asking for everyone to do everything I do. That’s unrealistic.

But if we all did something, anything, JUST ONE THING . . . it would make such a difference.

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  1. 9 February, 2009 9:52 am

    Aside from the WONDERFUL benefits of giving your time/money to a worthy cause, you also get to meet people in the community (i.e., network) and gain a reputation for being a good person. Other people remember that when you later are a lawyer and are looking for clients. One of the attorneys I know in the community got his name out when he was volunteering and it ended up helping him find a job after law school. He volunteered because he wanted to help people and in the end it helped him in ways he never expected.

  2. 9 February, 2009 8:10 pm

    That’s definitely a good point!

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