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well, that was certainly interesting…

9 February, 2009

This is trial practicum week, which means that the entire 1L class has no classes. All week long. Instead, we are observing an entire trial from beginning to end. And it’s pretty amazing, I must say. Actually, we’re going to be observing two entire trials because of the length of the two issues.

Drake is the ONLY law school in the country that has this program. We get to see motions in limine, voir dire (jury selection), and the actual body of the trial. After that, we get an opportunity to “debrief” the judge, attorneys, and the jury. Plus, we break into small groups after daily proceedings to discuss with an attorney the things we just saw and get our questions answered.

Today was the first day, and it was so captivating to watch the proceedings with my classmates and then to discuss everything afterwards. I can’t believe that no one else does this – it’s such a valuable learning experience.

Once again, Drake keeps reaffirming my decision to attend. It’s a great feeling!

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