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a lovely night

4 March, 2009

Last Saturday night, I attended the dinner three classmates and I purchased at the Professor Auction last November. The proceeds went to an emergency loan fund ran by an organization on campus that gives $500 interest-free loans to students. Anyway, we bid on a dinner for four hosted by Professor Torts at his home, in conjunction with Professor CrimLaw.

It was a lovely evening, with five courses and four different kinds of wine. The company was delightful – most of us had similar tastes in television and movies and we all talked about law school. The dinner was stellar and the wine was delicious. The first course was sausage and bread, goat cheese-stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, and a tray of an assortment of olives and nuts. It was served with sparkling white wine – my favorite! The second course was a spinach, pea, and mint soup served with bread and white wine. The third course was beef tenderloin, asparagus in a garlic butter sauce and red potatoes baked with spinach and ricotta cheese. This was served with red wine. The fourth course was the cheese course, with four different kinds of cheeses. We had another kind of red wine with that. Finally, dessert was two different kinds of gelato – chocolate and berry. So, so good.

It was interesting to see my former professors outside of school. Not the way it felt in high school when I saw teachers buying their family Kix and Hamburger Helper – it was pretty normal, actually. It felt like a gathering of friends sitting around the table for a meal – not nearly as intimidating as I expected. It probably helped that Professor Torts is obviously a huge softie when it comes to his adorable dog. I don’t know if I could have learned torts from him after having seen that…

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