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spring break in numbers

24 March, 2009

3: movies seen in the theater

2: times I ate at Bravo

1: night it took for Brandon to wear me out with his 4-year-old energy

5: times we had to practically tackle Brandon to keep him out of the mud

1: time we failed to keep Brandon out of the mud…oops

3: rounds of cribbage played with Ryan, Mom, and Gram

7: days I slept in

2: times my butt hit the floor because the air mattress started losing air

10: inches of hair I got cut off and donated to Locks of Love

3: days planned to be spent on doing actual law school work

0: days/hours/minutes spent doing actual law school work

2: number of CDs I bought because darn it, I wanted to and I’ve been so good

4: number of Harry Potter movies watched while lazing on my couch

bajillion: number of Sour Patch Kids jelly beans eaten by Ryan and myself

57: times I thought about blogging something but then forgot what I wanted to say

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  1. 26 March, 2009 10:19 pm


  2. 30 March, 2009 2:07 pm


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