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now there’s a puzzle for you

30 March, 2009

Last Friday I volunteered for an event at the Iowa State Historical Museum that educated youth on how progressive Iowa politics have been. There was a play about a case that required restaurants to serve blacks and I think also about a case that integrated Iowa schools long before Brown v. Board of Education. I helped lead 3 sessions of a small group discussion for 8th graders where the students put on a scripted mock trial and then acted as jurors to come to a conclusion on the case. I’m going to skip the details, but it involved Tootsie the Goldfish and was positively adorable. Anyway, afterwards the students could ask questions and one of the discussions centered on jury duty. I told the kids that I had never been called for jury duty.

And then yesterday, my dad called me.

I haven’t lived in Madison county since October of 2000, but Saturday my dad received jury summons for me at his house addressed to my maiden name. I registered to vote in my current county AT LEAST six years ago – I voted in the 2004 election in my current township. I legally changed my name probably around the same time, too.


*off to make a call about this*

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  1. Justine permalink
    30 March, 2009 10:13 pm

    I don’t even want to mention it after hearing this story, but *looks around, then whispers* I’ve never been called either. Let us know how this turns out!

  2. 31 March, 2009 9:33 am

    I’ll keep it our little secret.

    I called, they said to fill out the form to say I don’t live there anymore. No big deal (thankfully!!!).

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