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dear people in the apartment below me,

31 March, 2009

I realize it’s the last day of the month and it’s likely that you’re moving out of this apartment and right into another today so that’s why you got such an early start. But 7 AM? Seriously?

Look, there’s no way you could know this, but I was up quite late last night preparing a closing argument. No, it wasn’t for a real trial. But that doesn’t matter. It’s for mock trial auditions, which is just as important to me right now. That’s beside the point, though. It was 1 AM before I finally closed my eyes for the night. And my alarm wasn’t set to go off until 7:30 this morning.

But I didn’t need my alarm, thanks to you and the people you hired to move you out. You were slamming doors, loading things onto carriers, dragging huge items down the stairs, and using some sort of industrial-strength vacuum that LITERALLY MADE MY WALLS VIBRATE. All before 8 AM.

It would serve you well in the future to be considerate of other people. I recognize that we will no longer live in the same building, but that shouldn’t matter. You were ridiculous this morning, and many other people would not have refrained from letting you know it.


The Angry and Very Tired Girl on the Third Floor

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