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an extreme exercise of willpower

6 April, 2009

Sometimes, Mondays and I just don’t get along.

This morning, I was so tired. The bed was warm and I knew the bathroom would be cold.  While the alarm clock was rather annoying as it went off every seven minutes (bless the inventor of the snooze button…), it didn’t take much to smack it and scurry back under the covers.

Once I was showered and dressed for the day, I knew that it was going to be cold and windy outside. Plus, as a result of our springtime snow storm, my windshield and rear window had these lovely four-inch layers of snow on them that would be impossible to scrape off. I knew that I would have to make at least two trips back and forth to get my books, my laptop bag, my suitcase, and my food all loaded.

Once I got outside, my fingers and nose were nearly frozen in the wind and cold air as I tried to get into my car. The doors were frozen shut, the “snow” on the car was more like ice that didn’t want to be broken up. The trunk didn’t want to be opened. And then after coming back outside from getting another load of stuff, the two posters I made for an upcoming event BLEW OUT OF MY HANDS AND DOWN THE HIGHWAY. I had to chase them down. Yes, I swore the whole time.

Then I drove all the way to Des Moines, dropped off my stuff at the apartment, and then went to the school. I parked right by the front doors in the 20 minute parking so I could take the posters in (she LEARNS from her mistakes), and then had to go back out into the cold and park in an appropriate lot.

All morning long, I had to convince myself repeatedly to come to school today. There were four opportunities for me to defect and just go back to bed, either at home or at the apartment. But I didn’t! Hooray!

Then, I go to pick up my most recent property quiz to see if I had been graded. I had a stellar answer that was a page and a half and it was beautiful, folks. I walked out feeling pretty good about it, as opposed to some other weeks where I was practically despondent. But of course, I didn’t get graded. The two times I have been graded, however, were my two weakest weeks. Happy freaking Monday. I’m going back to bed.

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