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hurry up and wait…again

13 April, 2009

Law school seems to largely be a game of waiting.

I waited to take the LSAT. I waited to get my score. I waited to apply to schools. I waited to hear back from them. I waited as long as possible to make a final decision. I waited to get my schedule. I waited for orientation, and then classes, to start.

Once school started, I waited to be informed about organizations to be involved in. I waited for my first memo to be returned, then the second and then the final. I waited for finals to get here, and then for them to be over. Then I waited all of break to get my grades.

You get the idea, right? Now I’m waiting to see what is going to happen this summer, in terms of work and in terms of life. It feels like I’ll never know the answer, but summer is inevitably going to come whether I am ready or not. I just hope that I have a job when it gets here.


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