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who is this girl?

I am married to an amazing man named Ryan, who happens to be my best friend.

I’m working my way through the journey called law school, minding the bumps and ignoring the bruises I get along the way.

I am a proud member of the Drake Law class of 2011.

I am a graduate of Grand View College with a BA in criminal justice and a minor in psychology.

I earned summa cum laude honors.

I truly enjoy learning.

My favorite places are full of books.

Traveling is a major passion of mine, though it’s hard to find the time and money to do it.

I love London. England, that is.

I want at least three children.

Twins run in my family.

If I erased all the song lyrics in my memory, I’d be about 10,000 times smarter.

I wish I was fluent in French. And Spanish. And Farsi. And Mandarin.

I love rain.

I could live in the Drake Law Library…and probably will over the next few years.

I am a book worm.

I want to explore the world around me and take nothing but amazing photographs of it.

I love being in love.

My die-if-I-really-got-to-do-it-dream-job would be to get paid to travel everywhere and write about it. But I’d certainly be happy as an attorney, judge, or a law professor…because you can’t lead a rootless existence forever.

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