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dear paycheck,

29 May, 2009

Oh, how I missed you, you lovely, lovely creature. You make it possible for me to pay my bills without depleting my savings. In fact, I can ADD to my savings now – something unheard of all school-year. I can even splurge and buy something like a lovely gray and purple planner for next year…

The last time we parted in August of 2008, I knew it was only a temporary separation. But oh, how absence has made the heart grow fonder.

I missed you so. Welcome back.


The Girl Who Immediately Deposited You With Love


two funerals…let’s draw the line there

28 May, 2009

Yesterday the family was pulled together for Ryan’s uncle’s funeral. There were so many people there – a testament to the amazing and wonderful man that we have lost. It was so unexpected and terrible, but the service was very nice. It was definitely a tough, tough day. He will certainly be missed.

Today, my boss’ mother passed away, which means that we have a funeral to attend on Tuesday. I certainly hope there are no more.

quotable kind of weekend

25 May, 2009

This weekend we traveled to Minnesota for one of Ryan’s cousin’s graduation party. She’s got a pretty bright future ahead of her as a writer. Someday when she’s published I’ll have to recommend her books. 🙂 We spent quality time with James and Teresa – sharing car rides and hotel rooms with them. Plus, I got to see Brandon. It’s been too long since the last time I’d seen the squirt. He was so surprised to see me at the hotel on Saturday morning – he went to bed before we got there Friday night – and the look on his face to see me so far from home was priceless.

On Saturday at lunch, I told Brandon his shirt was cute. This is the conversation that ensued:

Brandon: No, it’s not.

Me: Well, you’re cute then.

Brandon: I’m not cute. I’m AWESOME.

Seriously. That kid is a riot.

Later on Saturday, we saw a sign on a liquor store, and I read it out loud.

Me: Liquor and wine and beer.

Teresa: Oh my!

Heh. Cheers to family!


21 May, 2009
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Work has really worn me out this week. Every night I come home, we make dinner and clean stuff up, I get things ready for the next day, and then around 7:30 I practically fall asleep sitting up.

I’ve learned a lot, but it’s exhausting.

statutes and case law and forms, oh my

19 May, 2009

It’s been an incredibly interesting and exhausting two days thus far. I’ve been researching my behind off, and learning much more than I ever thought possible. I’ve got cases in a variety of practice areas on my desk, and it’s thrilling to dive into things and  learn real lawyering skills.

I’ve also learned just how much I don’t know. I feel like I move so slowly – that it takes me forever for things that lawyers can get done in a flash. You go through first year and learn torts, contracts, civil procedure, criminal law, property and constitutional law – and feel as though you’ve learned so much. But when it comes down to it, you don’t know a whole lot.

It makes me look forward to next year’s classes even more, and the rest of this summer.

it’s a sickness

17 May, 2009

Friday when I got home, I unpacked my bags and put my groceries away. Then, I stood in my kitchen wondering what I was supposed to do next. So then I looked through my Bluebook I just bought and through my law review application packet.

Law school. It’s a sickness.

cool kids and cookouts

15 May, 2009

Yesterday I finished my 1L year! I went out on a pretty decent note with my con law final. It was tough, and I felt a moment of panic when the first question was some abstract Jefferson quote that we were asked to interpret. My professor warned us not to b.s. him, and I didn’t – I said what I thought it meant, told him I wasn’t going to b.s. and then moved on. Maybe I’ll get a point for creativity.

Afterwards, we had a cookout on the lawn of the school – complete with some decent food and….beer! The Dean’s office supplied a keg. Nice, right? It was a lovely time because everyone was in an incredible mood knowing we were done. I don’t even like beer, but I had some anyway. It felt appropriate to celebrate.

You know that feeling you had back when you were a sophomore in high school and the seniors had their last day? That feeling that you were an upper-classman? That’s kind of how it felt – we were the cool kids because we became upperclassmen. Silly, I know. We talked about wanting to tell the 1Ls we’ve seen around getting tours to run. We talked about being so happy to be 2Ls. We talked about jobs we’ve had, and what we’re doing this summer. I’m going to miss all of my friends who helped to keep me sane over the past year (and, yes that includes Libby, Patrick, and Hillary – my non-law school friends!). I haven’t worked full time outside of Des Moines EVER in my life, and not being there everyday is going to be weird. I can’t wait to start the new job on Monday, though!

And look at what my sweet husband made me to celebrate the end of my 1L year:

One of the few dessert items I positively love! Happy end of 1L year. Summer here I come!